Budget and diet tip with butter!

It’s far too easy to use too much butter which adds to your weekly shopping bill and adds to the waistline inches so here’s an easy way of making butter go further so in the long term it works out to be cheaper and have less fat content.

In order to make your butter go a little further and spread a little thinner, let your butter come to room temperature and then beat it until it is soft and creamy – as you would when creaming butter for a sponge.

Once it has reached the soft, creamy stage, gradually beat in some hot water – about 4 tablespoons of hot water to a block of butter (usually 225g).  You could use boiling milk as an alternative if you prefer the creamier taste.

The bulk is much increased and it will spread more easily and thinly even straight from the fridge.

I imagine this is how “light” and spreadable butters are made for the supermarket shelves.  The thing is you are buying the water content and getting less product for your money.

I don’t think this would be suitable for baking.

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