Christmas countdown no 3

Christmas Eve and I’m in a bit of a fizz – the house is decorated and the fridge is stuffed and there is so much to do.  I am determined to do as little as possible tomorrow and to see if I can enjoy being a hostess for Christmas and participate in my own party!  But that means today is chaos.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post about my dad and his Santa sleigh charity float.  Well Christmas Eve is the big one for collections so I started the day making sausage rolls.  I will separate these blog posts out into proper recipes at some point but just in case life takes over and I don’t, this is how I make them.

sausage roll 2

I made my own pastry but you could use a roll of shop bought puff pastry – try to get the all butter version if you do.  As my dad is eating these as he’s on the move, he can’t have anything with them – they need to be an all in one thing.  So I roll out my pastry to a couple of millimetres thick in a big oblong.  I then paint the pastry with dijon mustard.  We don’t like herby sausages – we like the really plain Richmond goo type sausages.  That’s what I use in my sausage rolls.  I take the skins off and then add a couple of tablespoons of golden breadcrumbs and an onion which I have chopped, fried until it’s really soft and then stuck in the blender and pureed.  I mix the lot together thoroughly and then spoon onto the mustardy pastry.  I then roll it up, egg wash the lot, use the back of a knife to make diagonal cuts in the pastry and cut into bite sized sausage rolls.  Line a baking tray with parchment.  Lay out the sausage rolls with an inch gap between and then bake at 180C for about 20 minutes.  They are really good, apparently – I have yet to get to taste one as between my mum, dad and Izzy they disappeared pretty quickly.

sausage rolls

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