Friday and a word about eggs!

Chippy, my lovely digdoggedydoo, found a huge stick on our walk today.  She took out three cyclists and at least four walkers.  She didn’t mean it.  But a girl needs a big stick.  It’s a spaniel thing.  And then she came home and looked into a bucket…… seriously, she loves just staring into buckets.  Keeps her amused for hours on end!

I took a photo.  For some reason WordPress doesn’t like my jpegs.  I’m not good at this technology sometimes and yet at other times I seem to be able to grasp it like a teenager.  Today and Chippy staring into a bucket was not one of those occasions.  Ho hum.

So now on to my word about eggs.  I’ve noticed a few TV cooks saying that you should use a separate bowl into which you should crack your eggs.  I disagree.  Not on the concept but on the number.  I get that if you crack a bad egg you don’t want to ruin all the other ingredients but in my book, you don’t want to taint the other eggs either.  So I use at least two bowls for eggs.  One to crack them into and one, probably bigger one, into which they all go.  But it I am separating eggs then I would use three bowls.  It probably won’t matter too much if you get some white in your yolks bowl but yolk in the white will mean you will never get a meringue.  So one bowl for the cracking into, one for the yolks and one for the whites.  Unless of course you are one of those professional chefs who never breaks a yolk when you break and egg and you probably do it one handed too……I can’t do that.  I make a mess and I get shell in, every single time, without fail.



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