Low Carb American Style Pancakes

Saturday morning breakfast.  The sun is shining and we have plenty of good coffee on the go and blueberries which needed eating.  The blueberries were really fat ones so too big to go in the pancakes themselves which is what I usually do – I did actually try it this morning but it wasn’t pretty!  Tasted fine apparently though.

I use a stove top cast iron griddle to make these.  I’ve yet to work out though how to make them come out looking prettily even shapes!

You may be thinking that it’s all very well making these low carb but what’s the point when they are covered in syrup but the syrup is a zero calorie butterscotch one that tastes great – it also has the right consistency for syrup.  I’ve tried some that are really just flavoured water.  And the greek yoghurt on the side is the zero fat version so it’s a pretty good low calorie breakfast all round.

I used to make these in a full carb version but to be honest, unlike some carbs, I really don’t miss them – to me these taste way better.  You can though substitute plain flour for the gram, sugar for the stevia and condensed for the evaporated milk.  I think condensed milk comes in slightly larger tins so you probably wouldn’t need to loosen the batter with any milk.  My stealth health version with snuck in veggies is on here too.

This recipe makes about 15 pancakes that are about a saucer size.  I mainly eyeball the measurements as I make them so often so have left this in cup sizes.  Again, I stress, as with any gram flour recipes – do not be tempted to taste the raw batter, it tastes disgusting, or gopping as my boyfriend in my teens used to say.  I love that word!


1 1/2 cups gram (chickpea) flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 table spoons stevia

170g tin evaporated milk

3 eggs

25g melted butter

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Splash of milk if needed

Spray or two of oil for the griddle


  • Put the baking powder, gram flour and stevia into a bowl or batter jug and whisk to combine 
  • Form a small well in the middle into which break the eggs and add the evaporated milk
  • Gradually whisk in the dry ingredients until it is all combined in a smooth batter
  • Add the vanilla and melted butter and whisk into the mix
  • Add a little milk if needed to loosen slightly although this should be quite a thick custardy batter
  • Put the griddle pan on the hob (over two burners if you can) and heat through so that it is already hot when you start using it and then reduce the flame to medium heat
  • Give the griddle a light spray of oil
  • Using a small ladle or large spoon, ladle the mix onto the griddle – I get three pancakes on at a time but could probably do four if I could work out how to be a bit neater
  • When the pancakes are ready to flip, they will still look quite wet on top but will have formed lots of little bubbles – at this point, quickly flip them over with a spatula and press them down gently with the back of the spatula.  They will only then take about a minute or so to finish off on the other side and will have become easy to move around the pan.
  • Keep warm in a low oven whilst you cook off the rest of the batter and serve with berries and yoghurt
It looks wet but this is ready to flip

Ready to serve!

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