So who is the Secret Chef?

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About Me:

My name is Helen Peach and I’m a mum and a foodie!

Until a couple of years ago when I had an accident, injuring my back so severely that I couldn’t continue with a desk job, I was a solicitor.  Now, I have reinvented myself as a food writer, combining three of my loves in life, food, children and writing. I’ve always loved cooking and I’m told I have a bit of a knack for it!

This site started off as somewhere to share my ideas about fussy eaters but has gradually morphed into a general blog about the recipes I enjoy making.

I have a 14 year old daughter, Issie, who actually eats pretty well.  The problems I’ve had with picky eaters are friends’ children, children’s friends, a very stubborn nephew, his very fussy mum (aka my sister!) a step son and even one picky eater of the 6′ variety (my husband)!  I have developed a whole cookery book around the idea of dealing with fussy eaters but that has had to be on the back burner a bit of late due to life just getting in the way!

I have deliberately not used a professional photographer (except for the one of me above!) and food stylist – the pictures you see on this site are all of food as cooked by me, at home, in my own kitchen or better still as cooked by Issie or friends and family who have asked for a recipe. The main banner with the stuffed raspberries was one of Issie’s!


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