American Style Breakfast Pancakes



Another from the drafts file – these are also good without the chia seeds and pumpkin.  You could also add chocolate chips or broken up buttons to the batter and I often make them with blueberries.

I’ve also made these as low carb by using evaporated milk instead of the condensed, some stevia instead of the sugar (adjust to your preference) and gram flour instead of plain.  I tend to use a little less milk when doing them this way as the evaporated milk is not as thick as the condensed.

As it is so long since I wrote this post, no photos I’m afraid so I’ve given you a picture of my favourite whisk for making batters.  You can get them from Amazon for about £6.

Izzy has exams at the moment and she is savvy enough to realise this is exactly the right time to be demanding about what she wants for breakfast so today’s request was for pancakes.  She’s funny about pancakes – sometimes it has to be American style pancakes that are small and thick and doughy, piled high with fruit and maple syrup and other times it is the traditional English pancake that can be flipped in the pan and then smothered with lemon juice and golden syrup.  Today it was the American stele ones she wanted.  You can serve them with whatever fruit you have or whatever you think they’ll eat.  There’s hidden goodness in these in the milled chia seeds and the pumpkin as well as the more obvious goodness in the strawberries served on top.


100g plain flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

50g caster sugar

3 tablespoons condensed milk

100ml milk

1 egg

25g melted butter

100g pumpkin puree (I use Libby’s canned puree – any you don’t use can be frozen)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon or mixed spice

1 heaped tablespoon milled chia seeds


  • Put the flour, baking powder, sugar, seeds and spice in a bowl, fork together thoroughly and then make a well in the middle.
  • Whisk together the milk, condensed milk and egg then pour into the well and gradually combine with the flour mixture into a smooth paste.  I find using one of those whisks in the picture above really good for this kind of batter.
  • Stir in the melted butter and pumpkin puree and leave to rest whilst you get your pan ready.
  • I use a cast iron grill plate for these but any heavy bottomed skillet or frying pan should do – get it onto the heat and make sure it is nice and hot before reducing the heat to medium and wiping over the surface with a little oil.
  • Ladle out the batter onto the pan – you want the pancakes to be about the size of a coaster.  Make sure you leave plenty of room between them as they do spread a little – you can probably do three at a time in an average sized frying pan.
  • The mixture will start to bubble a little on top when they are ready to flip over – these are best flipped using a spatula rather than trying to toss them in the air!
  • Once flipped they will only take a minute or so to be cooked on the other side and are easily lifted to check on how golden they are getting.
  • Serve with yoghurt and fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup.


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