Wood Butter

Wood butter is a kind of food for your wooden kitchen implements and chopping boards. I need to take some photos to add to this post later – it’s one way I’ve found to use up my ever growing stock of La Fermiere yoghurt pots.

I make this every few years and each time I forget how I did it last time and end up having to work it out all over again. So I’m getting it down now whilst it is fresh in my mind!

This stuff will revive the saddest looking old wooden spoons, salad bowls and chopping boards. It’s particularly good on olive wood – comes up beautifully. I also use it on the handles of some old knives too. Just smear a little on with a lint free cloth then buff – it very quickly sinks in to the wood.


1 litre mineral oil (it needs to be food grade)

250g bees wax (I buy it from Amazon in pellets but if you have a block of it, it’s probably best to chop it up a bit first)


  • Put the bees wax pellets into a large double boiler or glass bowl over boiling water and gently melt over a medium heat, stirring as you go
  • Whilst that is melting, put the oil into a microwave safe jug and heat through for about 2 minutes, in 30 second bursts. You want it to be on the hot side of warm but not boiling
  • When the wax has all melted, gradually add in the oil and keep stirring until you have a clear blended mixture
  • Pour into heat proof jars and leave to set.

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