Buttered Crumbs

This one is a Nanny Peach special. I have her beautifully written recipe book here curtesy of my cousin Karen, to whom I must return it soon but keep forgetting.

Nanny P was an amazing cook and her apple pie was legendary – she also made the best shortbread biscuits ever. Her fruit cake was so boozy you couldn’t eat it and drive and she was full of really cool tips.

This isn’t exactly a recipe – it’s more of a tip on how to get a really good, even, crispy crumbed topping when using breadcrumbs.

Instead of scattering on the breadcrumbs and then dotting butter over them, melt the butter in a frying pan and then mix the breadcrumbs in the melted butter before sprinkling over whichever dish you are making. It is just way better and more even and well, just better. Try it. Particularly good on top of macaroni cheese. Oh and tarragon chicken too…..I have to make that soon and share her recipe for it here.

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  1. James Haskell says:

    Having lived in Crete for A number of years, I always use Cretan twice baked Paximadi bread. Which I zap in a food processor. Absolutes brilliant for crumbs for chicken etc

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