Graham Cracker alternative!

I am going to try to make homemade Graham Crackers at some stage but, if I am honest with myself, it is unlikely to be this side of Christmas.  I keep getting started on my Christmas baking for the freezer and then we eat it all up before it gets anywhere close to the freezer so I do have to buckle down and do that soon.  The Christmas pudding is at least safely tucked away.  Really rich this year – I’m happy with it and will sort out sharing the recipe soon.

In the meantime, I have been searching for a Graham Cracker alternative.  Lots of recipes suggest that the UK equivalent is digestives but digestives aren’t really quite right – they are more fatty and sweet.  After much trawling through of the internet and trying out various suggestions, I have settled on a mix of three digestive biscuits to two rich tea.  Obviously, this is no good for things like smores but for a Graham Cracker crust it really works.  You end up with a crust that isn’t quite so cloyingly sweet as when you just use digestives.

Hope that helps!

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