Levana’s Table

Levanas-TableI bought Levana’s Table for one recipe – her brisket.  It is simply divine.  I’d had it in her restaurant, now sadly closed, some years before and once I’d started internet cook book shopping there was no stopping me.

Her lekach, or honey cake is pretty jolly fabulous too.

The book is in American cups measures but other than that, if you’ve ever wanted to venture into the comforting, food-cuddle that is the world of Kosher cooking then this is as good a place to start as I can think of.

I am a big Nigella fan and I know lots of people rave over her brisket recipe – it is good but having tried many, many, many different ones, I’m afraid it is only a good second place after Levana’s.  Arthur Schwartz takes third place (mind you his kreplach takes some beating……a review for another day me thinks)!

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