Low carb Shortbread

As you may have gathered, we don’t do carbs really and Nigel was craving shortbread.  I really wasn’t sure how this would work and it may be that I fiddle with the recipe more to come up with the final product but I was pleasantly surprised at how good and naughty this felt – even though it just isn’t!  I’m actually really chuffed to have come up with a recipe for low carb shortbread – treats shouldn’t be so easy!

I only made this in a tiny batch as I didn’t want to use up precious ingredients during lockdown without knowing how it would turn out.  You could easily double the quantities though – it’s just a ratios game.


90g Gram flour

30g Almond flour

30g Erythritol

80g butter



  • Preheat the oven to 160C fan and line and grease a small baking tray (I used a small foil tray)
  • Grind the erythritol as finely as you can in a food processor and then cream together with the butter
  • Add the gram and almond flour and combine thoroughly until you have a fine crumb texture
  • Tip all the mixture into your baking tray and press down with your fists to compact it into a dough
  • Bake for 45 minutes until golden brown
  • Cut into squares whilst still hot and then leave to cool before serving

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