My Little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

my little french kitchen rachel khoo

My Little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo

I loved Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen TV series and bought My Little French Kitchen by mistake thinking it was the book of the series – it was a happy mishap as it has some fabulous recipes, gathered from all over France.  She’s a really accomplished cook/chef and yet she manages to bring a fabulously elegant simplicity to her cooking.  She’s also the only person I know who has a smaller kitchen than me!  I have a number of her books now, including the one I thought I was buying originally, and must get her latest, Kitchen Notebook, soon.  No – it isn’t possible to have too many cookery books!

The recipes I’ve really enjoyed from this book are her savoury takes on what we think of as classic sweet dishes – there’s a fabulous carrot tarte tatin, to which I did a Tom Kerridge and added some star anise to the carrot cooking stage – just lovely with a salad and some goat’s cheese……whoops, drifted off to the foody happy place there for a second!  Another example is her tomato and lentil millefeuilles which was packed with fabulous vegetables and looked so professional when served, I quite impressed myself!

From Rachel Khoo’s TV show I gathered one really great tip, which I now observe religiously and that is not to scrape up my chopped food with the blade of the knife and to use the blunt back of the knife for that so that I don’t dull the cutting edge.  So thank you Rachel for that one – my knives are much better for it.

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