Spicy Pickled Onions

pickled onions

I started these lovely, old fashioned, super spicy pickled onions before Christmas and have spent this afternoon sterilising jars to finish them off.   They’re the type that granddads and old uncles seem to be particularly ept at producing.  As with all things pickled, you need to find jars that are vinegar proof.  Some of mine are in kilner jars, which should be fine as they’ll be kept in my fridge but the ones that need transporting a little further afield are in screw top jars.

I think that maybe I over did it on quantity…..half my family don’t even like pickled onions.  Portion control has never been my strong suit.  You will need a big jar to prepare them in.  I stored them out in a cold garage before bottling.

Some people don’t heat their vinegar but I think it gives a much better flavour if the spices cook in the vinegar,


salted onions

onions drying


onions in jar

pickled onions

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