Big birds and storing them! (Or where to stuff the turkey!)


If you’re anything like me this time of year, you have a fridge full and are struggling with where to jam everything in to keep it cold.

I’ve ended up sticking things like wine and beer out in the garage for now as it’s pretty jolly chilly out there but I shall have to move it to a big bucket by the back door for the day itself so that we don’t have to keep trooping all the way out there during the day.

But the garage is only good for things that the mice can’t get at.  I have some pretty sturdy plastic boxes with lids that lock into place that I could use for the veg too once I need some more fridge space for food I’ve prepared.

I used to live in a house with a locked porch which was north facing and nobody ever used the front door so that was always good for storing extras that needed to be kept cold, but again, anything out there needed to be mouse proofed.

nigella christmas

Review of my favourite Nigella book

When cooking turkey, a few years back, I discovered the Nigella brining method which I absolutely swear by – totally fool proof and it delivers really succulent juicy turkey every time BUT you need a pretty big bucket to do the brining in and it isn’t going to fit into the average fridge.  That’s fine if you have some kind of secure lidded vessel in which to brine your beast and assumes you have somewhere outside that is secure too, like an enclosed garden or garage, but it did get me to thinking, what if you live in a flat or somewhere without a secure external space?  Well, this won’t work for everybody of course but in this day and age, most of us have cars and it’s pretty flipping cold outside so why not use the boot of your car to store your turkey and veg on Christmas Eve?

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